A Journey Through Heritage: From Technology to Real Estate

Michael's life exemplifies the American Dream. His journey spans multiple continents, careers, and challenges. 

Michael heads inside to prepare a luxury apartment for his first showing. Recessed lighting complements the modern interior design. Above him is an artistically crafted vinyl stretched ceiling. Stretched vinyl is a rising trend in the DC area but an established one within stylish circles in New York, Miami as in Europe, where he started his real estate career. 

To understand Michael's journey— his accomplishments and qualities— you must start with his grandfather. He was a doctor of radiology in Kharkiv, Ukraine. His maternal family shares a mix of Russian-Ukrainian heritage. During World War II, as the U.S.S.R. rose to prominence, his family escaped to Argentina and then the United States. They settled in Buffalo, New York. Michael's grandfather, always seeking to help others, continued his medical practice. Eventually, he taught the next generation of doctors at the Roswell Park Cancer Center. 

His paternal family is of Sicilian heritage. Both parents attended the University of Buffalo and met in a German language class. They bonded over their shared immigrant family experiences. When they started their family, they kept their respective heritages alive through their children. 

Michael, ever the entrepreneur, started working young. He excelled as a sales representative for a technology firm in Bethesda, Maryland. Technology and its ability to connect people fascinated him. 

He double majored in International Marketing and Business Management at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. A chance encounter launched his career halfway around the world when a random connection revealed a significant opportunity with Kodak - Russia in 1996. Michael gladly took the chance to expand his technology experiences. 

After a challenging encounter with the K.G.B. prompted a career shift, Michael started his real estate career in Russia. At first, he mainly served Westerners. To his surprise, native Russians flocked to him. When asked how they discovered him, his Russian clientele said, "Don't you know? Your Italian last name is the same as the famous St. Petersburg Architect."

They found him thanks to his heritage and stayed with him because of his trustworthiness. Michael takes his clients' trust very seriously. No matter the situation, business, or clientele, Michael always strives for excellence. 

Michael returned to the D.C. Metro area in 2011. His real estate business flourished. 

Today, Michael Falcones owns and operates a highly successful real estate business in Northern Virginia. He is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. He double majored in International Marketing & Business Management. The McLean area has been his home for over 35 years. Michael's expertise, tireless energy, and attention to detail are invaluable in real estate transactions. He sells all over Virginia and works across all price points. Michael collaborates with investors, renovators, and builders. He strives to earn each of his client's trust through a commitment to excellence.  

Michael specializes in both commercial and residential sales. Buyers and Sellers appreciate Michael's wealth of knowledge, determined energy, and exceptional negotiation skills. He credits his best qualities to his unique career experiences and rich tapestry of heritage.