6 Summer Road Trips

A guy, a great car and a plan to hit a handful of destinations from the white sand beaches of Chincoteague to the windswept peaks of the Cumberland Mountains.

Inn the Country

Getting back to nature at Fort Lewis Lodge & Farm.

The Big Chill

Keep your cool this summer with frozen cocktail pops.

In the Summer Air

Outdoor festivals, sporting events, and more for July and August.

The Makeover

How a Herndon family found their dream home in a 19th-century Victorian farmhouse.

Let’s Get Lost

After a long-awaited grand opening, Lost Boy Cider’s doors are open, and the ciders are flowing.

Rich, Spicy, Sweet

Whether you like your chocolate savory or sweet, satisfy your culinary cravings by properly pairing the flavor notes.

Reader Survey 2019

Tell us what you love about Virginia Living … and what we could be doing a little better.

Best Buds

Everything’s coming up roses (and lilies, and daisies, and orchids…).

Go Stare at the Wall

Virginia’s cities are “accidental museums of paleontology” waiting to be explored.